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Glyph Sputnik

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer 

House of Logic, Inc. + House of Glyph, Inc.

Willis "Glyph Sputnik" Price is a Chicago based Creative Director and Professional Graphic Designer in the mediums of high end fashion, comics, and animation. He is best known for the creation of his unique urban contemporary stylized characters as depicted on the Wu-Tang’s “The Saga Continues…” album cover. Glyph is an avid Gamer, Hip Hop aficionado, Anime lover, and Martial Artist; and you can see the collective influence of these genres in his work. Pulling from all these arenas, his Art reflects a unique amalgam of his influences thrown in a pot and simmered into a delicious rue of color and expression of the human experience, specifically his own. 

Growing up on the South Side of Chicago, Glyph has experienced the ups and downs of the urban environment which nurtured is creativity. Being a lover of all things Geek, it was through Hip Hop that he found his roots towards developing a one of a kind form of self expression that extends from the Mic to the Illustrators pen. Glyph was creating characters and great stories before it was acceptable for a black kid to like comics. Now, after honing his skills as Creative Director over many projects and years, Glyph is ready to reveal to the world what they have been waiting for all along. Whether on the page, screen, or a t-shirt, his artwork is captivating and will forever change the way you look at art.


“Everything is an art"

House of Glyph Brands is a collective of all sources from the creator Glyph Sputnik. HOG represents an internal powerhouse of various expressions and talents primarily focusing in the Animation, Creative Design, and Multi-Media Productions.

Purely exclusive it's a nod to Luxury Urban Creation at its highest and finest expression. 

“It's simple, authentic urban luxury in depth with a global approach" 


Re-defining the defined. 

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